Jstris Bot

Solid garbage in the default rooms now raises with increasing speed to 12 height, stops for 30 seconds and then continues with a higher speed to the top of. The good thing about jstris is that it’s a good way to improve by playing better people. 素早い掘りとTspinを軸に前回大会TTO4では前述のHD_Blink、40LINE世界一のMicroBlizz、後に異常なゲーム スピードにチューンされたJstrisを採用して行われたHardDropOpen IX3位を記録することになる実力者TheAtomicNumber(jkwon)を破り、ルーザーズ 準決勝まで勝ち上がった実績. Name Description Author Rules Play; 1. Jstris map leaderboards showing the players with the most map records. Or you can go into the bot room and set the bot to play at 1 pps or something. js is single-player only